Attention, Douglas Adams aficionados! Prepare for a cosmic culinary quest inspired by “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Our formidable food challenge beckons you to conquer a staggering ensemble of 42 scrumptious delights. Why 42? It’s the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything, as every Hitchhiker fan knows. Brace yourself for a flavor-filled journey through the galaxy!


The Adventure Begins: The Bacon Double Cheese Burger
Your odyssey starts with a bang! Dive into the rich, juicy realms of our Bacon Double Cheese Burger. It’s a classic beginning to an extraordinary journey, setting the tone for the epicurean voyage ahead.

The K9 Hotdog: A Doctor Who Tribute
Next, meet the K9 Hotdog, an homage to Doctor Who’s beloved robotic canine. Packed with flavors as delightful as the character it’s named after, it’s a must-try for Whovians and foodies alike.

Wing Odyssey: Boneless BBQ & Chipotle Wings (20 Pieces)
Embark on a wing odyssey with our Boneless BBQ and Chipotle Wings. Ten pieces of each style promise a taste of tangy sweetness and smoky spice, propelling your taste buds into new flavor dimensions.

The Crunchy Cosmos: Onion Rings (10 Pieces)
Enter the crunchy cosmos with our golden Onion Rings. These crispy celestial bodies are perfect for dipping and are sure to elevate your galactic feast.

Spicy Supernovas: Jalapeno Poppers (6 Pieces)
Brace for the heat of our Jalapeno Poppers! These spicy, cheesy morsels add a zesty explosion to your spacefaring adventure.

Fairground Fantasy: Corn Dogs (3 Pieces)
Drift into a nostalgic fairground fantasy with our Corn Dogs. Wrapped in a crispy cornbread shell, they’re a delightful reminder of sunny days and simple joys.

The Stellar Staple: Large Fries
No cosmic quest is complete without our Large Fries, seasoned with galactic dust and fried to golden, crunchy perfection.


This challenge is more than a feast; it’s an immersive journey into the whimsical world of Douglas Adams. It’s a celebration of adventure, flavor discovery, and unforgettable moments. So, assemble your crew, bring your towels, and dive into this interstellar culinary escapade.

Available Monday to Friday at 5pm, the challenge is priced at £30, including a drink. You have 30 minutes to conquer the cosmos of flavors. Victorious spacefarers will earn their money back in vouchers, a spot on our Wall of Fame, a special t-shirt (while supplies last), and our eternal admiration.

Embrace the spirit of Douglas Adams, relish the 42 flavorsome wonders, and remember: 42 is the answer to everything. Bon voyage and bon appétit!


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