Sparkling Cucumber & Mint x 12

A Fusion of Refreshment and Wellness. Crafted for revitalisation, this sparkling drink elevates everyday hydration, offering a versatile experience whether enjoyed alone or mixed with your favourite spirit. With a symphony of balanced electrolytes, natural flavours, and wellness-enhancing ingredients, it’s your passport to a more vibrant future. Elevate your hydration, embrace harmonious flavour, and indulge in an extraordinary experience. BrightFox Cucumber Mint Sparkling: More than a beverage, a lifestyle choice encapsulating both pleasure and wellness.

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Vitamin E


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Panthothenic Acid Vitamin B5






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Introducing the captivating BrightFox Cucumber Mint Sparkling Beverage—a delightful fusion that invigorates your senses and tantalises your taste buds. Envision the crisp, revitalising flavour of cucumbers blending harmoniously with soothing mint, creating an unparalleled and rejuvenating experience. Our Cucumber Mint Sparkling Drink redefines refreshment, presenting an oasis of flavour and revitalisation.

Meticulously Crafted: This dynamic concoction offers a remarkable and revitalising flavour profile, promising an extraordinary and invigorating sensation. It stands as a true escape from the mundane, providing an oasis of refreshment that particularly appeals to those seeking respite from the everyday.

Versatile Hydration: Enter the world of BrightFox SparklingCucumber Mint, a versatile hydration companion that effortlessly indulges your senses. With inherent everyday health benefits, it serves as a delightful standalone refreshment, reinvigorating your senses. This exquisite beverage becomes your passport to staying hydrated, invigorated, and ready to conquer life’s challenges. Whether enjoyed independently or paired with your favourite spirit, each sip treats you to pure, calorie-free delight.

Enhanced Mixing: Elevate your chosen tipple to new heights by embracing the sparkling sensation of Cucumber Mint. This exquisite beverage is the perfect complement to gin, enhancing the character of your chosen spirit while contributing an extra layer of tasteful sophistication. Unleash your inner mixologist and witness your creativity flow with every sip.

Wellness in Every Sip: Our meticulously crafted beverage showcases an impeccable blend of wellness-enhancing attributes. Balanced electrolytes ensure a harmonious experience, while natural flavours dance elegantly on your palate. With the infusion of L-Choline Bitartrate (Choline) and Vitamin E Acetate, each sip delivers a dose of wellness. The medley is complete with Calcium Pantothenate (B5), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B6), and Zinc Sulfate (Zinc), creating a symphony of goodness in every refreshing sip.

Journey to Wellness: BrightFox Sparkling Cucumber Mint beckons as your gateway to unparalleled taste, adaptability, and overall well-being. Its captivating fusion of flavours and healthful attributes transforms it into more than a mere drink—it becomes a companion on your journey to a more vibrant future. Elevate your hydration routine, embrace the harmonious blend of flavours, and raise a toast to the extraordinary experience awaiting you with every sip. Clearly, BrightFox Cucumber Mint Sparkling isn’t just a beverage; it’s a conscious lifestyle choice that encapsulates both pleasure and wellness.